The Right Replacement Parts

Origin of REPART

After-sales services and its supply chain have gained popularity with the rapid growth of electronic consumption globally. Meanwhile, the absence of unified production standards and industry norms on the supply side has led to confusion in product prices and inferior product quality. As a result of the deep frustration experienced by repair business owners and customers worldwide, REPART was born to address this.


REPART Principles

REPART is focused on the needs of global repair customers, plays upstream manufacturers' advantages, integrates high-quality raw materials, unifies production standards, strictly controls quality, and is committed to manufacturing industry benchmark parts, creating low carbon and environmentally friendly worlds together.

Meaning of REPART


Dedication to repair business


Alternative parts for broken ones


Redefine the quality standard of after-market parts industry

Unique Advantages

Expertise in Repair Industry

Over 10 years experiences of the founding team, more than 5000 repair business clients in over 100 countries.

Specialized in Product R&D

A complete product delivery process from product inception, evaluation, prototyping, mass production and delivery.

Strong Supply Chain

REPART unify the standards, processes, and procedures in production, and control product costs and quality.

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