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REPART iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Assembly Replacement (Select Incell)

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SKU: RPIP256219
  • Display Panel: TDDI Smooth Touch
  • Display Pixel Density: 2338*1080 458ppi
  • Brightness: 650cd/㎡±50
  • Backlight: (3M ESR)Enhanced Specular Reflector
  • Color Saturation: High Color Gamut
  • Screen Size: 6.7 inch


Experience an ultra modern 6.7 inch screen on your iPhone 12 Pro Max with REPART's Incell replacement. Enjoy improved color accuracy and TDDI smooth touch technology for a seamless touch experience. Plus, the Enhanced Specular Reflector (3M ESR) technology ensures your phone offers the best contrast and visibility. Upgrade your iPhone 12 Pro Max now and experience it like never before.

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