Installing the REPART Universal Battery: A Comprehensive Guide

Installing the REPART Universal Battery: A Comprehensive Guide

As our lives increasingly revolve around smartphones, it is vital to keep them working properly. However, smartphone batteries degrade with age, reducing their lifespan and causing malfunctions. In such cases, replacing the battery becomes necessary. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of replacing a Samsung mobile phone battery with a REPART universal battery cell.

How to install the REPART Universal Battery?

Power off your Phone

Before attempting any repair or replacement, it is highly recommended to power off your device to ensure safety and prevent damage to the phone or replacement components.

Prepare the Phone

Place the phone on a heating pad to warm it up. This step softens the adhesive, making it easier to remove the back cover without causing damage.

Detach the Back Cover

To access the battery, gently create a gap between the back cover and the device using an opening card or a plastic tool. Be cautious to avoid scratches or cracks.

Remove the Shielding Cover

After removing the back cover, you'll find a shielding cover protecting the internal components. Unscrew and remove the shielding cover to reveal the battery.

Take Out the Battery

Carefully lift the battery from its position and detach any connectors or clips holding it in place. Take note of the battery's orientation for when installing the new battery.

Prepare the New Battery

Before installing the REPART universal battery cell, remove any protective stickers covering it to ensure the battery is ready for the replacement process.

Unfold the BMS Board

The Battery Management System (BMS) board protects the battery from overcharging and overheating. Carefully unfold the BMS board to access its connections.

Test the Cathode and Anode

Using a multimeter, test the battery cathode and anode. The red pen represents the positive terminal (B+), and the black pen indicates the negative terminal (B-). This step ensures proper connections during soldering.

Solder the BMS Board

Remove the old BMS board from the original battery using ceramic scissors. Then, solder the BMS board to the REPART universal battery cell, aligning the positive and negative terminals correctly.

Finalize the BMS Board

After soldering, apply insulation stickers to prevent short circuits. Ensure the BMS board is secured in place, and the connections are stable.

Attach the Battery

Peel off the protective film on the battery back, revealing the adhesive side. Carefully place the battery back into its original position on the phone.

Reassemble the Phone

Snap the cables back into place and reattach the shielding cover. Clean any residual glue from the previous battery.

Fix with Clamp Fixture

Use a reliable fixture, like the REFOX RS50 Clamp, to hold the components in place during the fixing process. Leave the fixture in place for 3 to 5 minutes to ensure a secure bond.

Perform Power-On Testing

With the battery successfully replaced, power on the phone to check if it functions normally. Ensure that all features and functions work correctly.

Troubleshooting Tips:

Encountering issues post-replacement? Here are some troubleshooting tips:

If the phone doesn't turn on, double-check the battery connections.

If specific features aren't functioning, ensure connectors are securely in place.

If the battery drains rapidly, confirm proper soldering of the BMS board.

Do you still have any confusion? You can gain a better understanding by watching our video tutorial.


While this guide focuses on Samsung phones, the principles apply to various models. Battery replacement might seem complex, but with careful execution and the right tools, it's manageable. Prioritize safety, use quality parts, and enjoy a fully functional smartphone.

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