REPART is Launching with iPhone Replacment Parts

REPART is Launching with iPhone Replacment Parts

REPART, a brand of phone replacement parts dedicated to creating the ultimate experience in the repair industry. We invite you to experience the industry-standard brand, create a low-carbon and eco-friendly world.

Combined with the expertise of REPART's founding team over the past decade in providing repair services to over 5000 repair business partners in more than 100 countries around the world, we are ready to go. Today, we are excited to announce the brand launch of REPART products!

REPART Products focuses on developing some of the best mobile phone parts in the industry, and currently includes the iPhone screen replacement and battery, which are classified into PRIME OLED and SELECT INCELL levels. The battery portfolio includes PRIME TI High Capacity and SELECT Standard Capacity batteries. In addition, more high-quality parts will be gradually released, please look forward to it!

You can keep an eye on REPART products by subscribing to NEWSLETER. During the launch period (DEC 13rd 2022 to Jan 31st 2023), you are available to enjoy the new discounts for REPART's full range of products at REWA Shop 

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