Is REPART's Screen the Perfect Fit for iOS 17?

Is REPART's Screen the Perfect Fit for iOS 17?

When some iPhones with third-party screens were updated to iOS 16 last year, they experienced problems such as black screens, green screens, touch failures, or even lost with the latest features, while REPART worked as expected.

Today, we're taking a step further by testing how REPART screen perform on the new iOS 17.

Replacing the Screen

We started by replacing the screen and fixing any unknown part messages that popped up. Next up, we'll update the Phone 12 to the latest iOS 17.

Updating to iOS 17

With the REPART screen securely in place, we proceeded to update the iPhone 12 to the latest iOS 17. This was a critical step to determine how well the screen would perform with the new operating system.

Performance Assessment

The real test began as we explored the device's performance after the update. Here's what we found:

 "Unknown Part" Messages no Longer Occurs

We noticed there was the absence of the "unknown part" message, which was a common issue with certain third-party screens on previous iOS versions.

Responsive Touchscreen

The touchscreen performance was impressive, with smooth and seamless swipe typing. Navigating between pages by swiping left and right was a breeze.

Flawless 3D Touch and True Tone

The 3D touch functionality worked flawlessly, and the True Tone feature was right on the mark, providing an accurate display of colors and brightness.

Display Examination

To further gauge the performance of the REPART screen, we conducted a display examination, focusing on brightness and color accuracy:

Impressive Brightness

Cranking up the brightness to the maximum, we measured an impressive 536 nits of brightness, ensuring a vibrant and vivid display even in bright environments.

Accurate Color Gamut

The color gamut value checked out as expected, delivering true-to-life colors and enhancing the overall visual experience.

Exploring iOS 17 Features

Finally, we explored some of the new features introduced in iOS 17 to verify their compatibility with the REPART screen:

Standby Mode

Placing the iPhone down and allowing it to enter Standby Mode revealed an elegant transition, highlighting the seamless integration of the screen with iOS 17.

Customized Call Posters and Live Stickers

We were pleased to find that the customized call poster feature worked seamlessly, and we could effortlessly lift objects from photos to create captivating live stickers.


Our comprehensive assessment reveals that the REPART screen is indeed a perfect fit for iOS 17.

With the REPART screen proving to be fully compatible, users can confidently upgrade their devices to iOS 17, knowing that their performance will remain solid and reliable.

We also test REPART battery, it’s also compatible with iOS 17. It's clear that REPART has successfully bridged the gap between hardware and software, offering a seamless and satisfying user experience.

For details on the compatibility of REPART parts with iOS 17 across various iPhone models, please stay tuned to our social media updates.

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