Does replacing an Aftermarket Display Void a Smartphone Warranty?

Does replacing an Aftermarket Display Void a Smartphone Warranty?

Many smartphone owners are confused about whether replacing an aftermarket display will void their device's warranty. It is a valid concern, especially when unexpected issues occur, such as a broken screen due to a drop or impact. In such cases, replacing the screen becomes necessary to restore device functionality and usability.

However, if the device is still under warranty, many people are hesitant to get the screen replaced as they fear it may void the warranty. This is a common dilemma faced by smartphone users, and it is essential to understand the warranty terms and conditions to make a wise decision.

Smartphone Warranties and Their Policy

The warranty policy of a smartphone is designed to protect the consumer by offering repair or replacement of the device in the event of a technical failure or malfunction caused by the manufacturer within a specified period of time. An average smartphone warranty covers one year of use, but extended warranties are available. There may be differences in the terms and conditions of warranties depending on the manufacturer. However, one common condition is that any modifications or repairs not carried out by an authorized service provider can void the warranty.

What are Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarket parts are parts that are not manufactured by the original device manufacturer (OEM). Aftermarket parts are made by a third party and are often cheaper than OEM parts. Aftermarket parts are often used to repair and modify vehicles, electronics, and other equipment.

Instances Where the Warranty May or May Not Be Voided

However, there exists a gray area. In certain instances, such as when the aftermarket display doesn't interfere with the identified warranty claim issue, some manufacturers may overlook it. However, it's crucial to understand that this depends on individual cases. The final decision rests completely with the manufacturer in question.

Factors to Consider When Replacing a New Display

Every smartphone user should consider two critical factors when replacing their device's display with an aftermarket alternative: the quality and reliability of the chosen display, and whether to seek professional repair services.

Quality and reliability of aftermarket displays

One ought to duly research the aftermarket products to ensure they are both high in quality and reliable. This is pivotal because substandard displays may interfere with the primary functioning of the device or cause additional damage, potentially voiding the warranty in the process.

Seeking professional repair services

Does the warranty still hold if a professional replaces the display? It's important to note that even with professional assistance, replacing the display with a third-party product can result in a voided warranty. However, utilizing a professional repair service decreases the chances of any additional damage that could invalidate the warranty.

Best Practices for Protecting Your Smartphone Warranty

Navigating the landscape of smartphone warranties while considering an aftermarket display replacement can be tricky. However, you can protect your warranty with the right approach.

Tips for Preserving a Warranty while Replacing an Aftermarket Display

Firstly, it's crucial to understand your device's warranty terms. Some manufacturers might tolerate screen replacements using aftermarket displays without voiding the warranty as long as the repair doesn't cause further damage to the device. Professional repair services are a safe way to go because they specialize in delicate processes.

Recommended Actions to Maintain Warranty

Precaution is always the most effective approach. Always verify if your warranty covers aftermarket repairs before proceeding. Alternatively, consider manufacturers or repair services that offer warranty replacements. This can cushion you from any unwarranted additional costs associated with replacement.


It is important to understand what kind of repairs could actually lead to the cancellation of the warranty. In some cases, when we approach the original customer support for repairs, we may be informed that the warranty does not cover the issue.


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